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Some beautiful things coming up in London... (ballets and more)

a) The Swan Lake Ballet and Manon at Royal Opera house

b) Twilight New Movie

c) The Nambucca goth gig ....

And another thought..... do you think there is any money to be made in doing tours... such as to.... castles around Scotland, Europe and the like....

Many thanks! Alexa

ps I have also met some nice horses around the corner from where my mom lives and the instructor rides... Monty Roberts which is a Verbal and not harming technique.. there have been so many exciting pubs and other places to come up recently...

And also I found a cottage, in the Lake District, where Wordsworth, Coleridge and more went...

ps I am not sure what I am doing with the rest of my life or if I am going back to Brazil... but there are a lot of interesting things and also .... "The Other Boleyn Girl" trailer looks excellent... I wrote to Philippa Gregory to see if I could direct a film for her... not sure if she will let me... but you NEVER know ....
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I love it when the rain's like this and I never want it to stop...
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The Fat Duck restaurant

I say, for anyone who has been there or is familiar with it... you know it's the crazy gastro science place, is Bray, Berkshire considered countryside? I have an article here that describes it and I need to know if it's considered countryside... thanks!
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I've downsized this journal a bit. A few removals due to non-postings. No animosity. See you irl instead. Cheers.

Avenue Q (review)

Saw Avenue Q last night. It's the funniest thing I've seen all year! Basically, it's about middle-class, college-grad down-and outs-living in Brooklyn. Avenue Q is shared by humans, monsters and puppets. Through the song score they address 21st century everyday niggles.

Songs include stuff like "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist", "The Internet Is For Porn " and "I Wish I Could Go Back to College". They illustrate the characters' anxieties while they have you in stitches. If you liked Jerry Springer the Musical, you'll like this. It's less complicated than Jerry Springer so it's easier to laugh at. It really is like Sesame Street gone bad. The cast got a standing ovation last night and I can happily say they deserved it.

So, I recommend this for the summer!

First chav, now this!

Last year on my LJ I asked what "chav" meant as I'd never heard the term before, let alone imagined the excitement of Burberry.

I was introduced today to the term "metrosexual" after one of my male colleagues was talking about how there was no way he was into grooming products - "just a bit of aftershave". I am familiar with the term "new man", which was a 90s buzz word for a guy that got in touch with his feelings. "Metrosexual" was apparently one of the buzz words of 2003.

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Further to my post a while ago about buying a wireless router for my flat, I did. I bought a Belkin which I could connect to but then it would continually throw me off after 5 minutes connected to the Net. My flatmate and I called the helpline in India. They didn't really understand what we were saying so instead asked for my shipping address.

They have just sent me a brand new router. So, I have learned here that instead of addressing a problem, Belkin would just rather throw new hardware at it.

Ah well, I may have a spare router that needs a home soon.
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